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    Stephania Wiers


    It was delivered at 10 am today and already come up with. The package will come in one huge 100 lb box, but no damage or scratches to report. Excellent state. The table is super simple to assemble, however the chairs were a obstacle. Your time and effort was definitely worth it, and after assembly can state they are very comfortable. I had considered buying chair cushions but after it got here, don't believe I will. They are very sturdy and stable, quite comfy. Great value for a handsome set.

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      Tama Michaud


      This is ordered as a dining table for a breakroom. Everyone offers enjoyed it so far. It comfortably seats 6 persons, or you can draw the chairs back and people can gather around it.

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    Lawanda Haslett


    We LOVE our desk! The quality is great, the colour was what i had envisioned. I could not really find anything in local furniture stores which were affordable, of quality, design and color that I wanted. Definitely recommend getting from Wayfair. It had been easy and no problems with delivery or arrival period. We're looking for a bedroom set next!

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    Lawanda Lupo


    Love the chair, it's light which is very important to me because I maneuver around quite a bit. The assembling only took about 5- the hardest portion was trying to determine how the legs should fit into the hair as they come in two separate bits and the plates will be movable. Once that's performed, it was all about adding the screws in, and it includes the application for turning the screws. It doesn't sit 100% flat on the floor and will rock slightly, but not more than enough to bother me for the purchase price that I payed for. Really pleased with this purchase.